Hello, my name is Faith and I am a problem-solver.


In my design work I value problem solving through group collaboration and working within constraints. Working with others is important because the collaborative end product is always stronger when fortified by the visual and conceptual input of many voices, reaffirming my belief that everyone has something to contribute. When working with others, I lead by facilitating discussions, focusing on making sure that all voices are heard, and mediate until all possible solutions are considered. And as a leader, it is more important to be helpful to the group rather than focusing on how the group can help me. However, working with others inevitably gets messy fast, so I choose to also act as the organizer, keeping the project on task and on schedule and effectively delegating responsibilities.


When it comes to my own process, I solve problems by first looking at the box. Most think that the creative people are just those who think "outside the box". A good designer knows that this just isn't true. There will always be limitations when approaching design, and projects will always have boxes. I prefer to see what can be done inside the box, inside those limitations, creating that which will resonate with people.